Van Gog Kwekerijen

It is only natural to want to put a delicious and healthy lunch on the table. Your lunchtime sandwich should be fresh and tasty. That includes a delicious tomato or a slice of cucumber. Whatever food you can think of can include Van Gog’s products: in a salad, on a pizza, in soup, on a sandwich or as a snack. Van Gog Kwekerijen combines taste with contemporary food technology. With quality grown by following the experience of people who have been raised growing these products. Van Gog is a true family business. From father and mother down to son and daughter, this company has grown to become one of the leading tomato, cucumber and strawberry growers in The Netherlands. With greenhouses located in Deurne, Asten, Helmond and Horst and a combined surface area of 38.1 hectares (381,000m2), Van Gog is one of the largest players in the market.

Production takes place in accordance with the latest, strict food safety standards and is based on the sustainable use of soil, fertilisers and of the environment. Van Gog achieves this with minimum energy consumption per product produced. Van Gog strives for the most natural cultivation processes possible. Our motto is thus: Van Gog Cultivates Quality. Van Gog is a member of the cooperative growers association ‘Best of Four’ U.A. Trough this organisation we sell our products.

That is quality in all aspects of management and production. Do you want to know more? Mail: