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Our cucumbers are healthy, tasty and safe to eat. Van Gog Kwekerijen supplies no less than 28,000,000 cucumbers to retailers each year. With the use of perlite pots for cultivation we have become one of the largest producers in The Netherlands. Our growing methods have allowed us to develop a perfect, highly uniform product. Van Gog uses high-wire cultivation methods, which yields stem fruits throughout the entire cultivation period.

The use of perlite pots enables excellent control of the plant’s and cucumber’s growth. We use biological pest controls in the prevention of harmful insects and diseases. Through both manual and computerised monitoring we can ensure and regulate the perfect dose of nutrients needed to achieve optimum growth.

Van Gog cultivates quality; this also means that we work according to Global GAP + GRASP and that we are certified for IFS Food and BRC-Food.

We meet the strict hygiene rules and regulations and follow procedures. After production our company’s automated packaging line is ready to pack the end product into boxes or crates.

The products are then stored in conditioned spaces and later transported. Van Gog can also assist you in choosing or producing the right packaging or personal label