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Sustainable Production

Van Gog Kwekerijen uses the latest techniques in cultivation and applies the whole scale of modern technical innovations. During the growing period the product’s taste and its development is continually tested and analysed. As well as taste, our priorities include aspects such as juiciness, aroma, bite, Brix-value and levels of sweet and sourness.

Our cultivation company abides by very strict regulations. During the growing process all data on water, temperature, light and fertilisation are carefully collated by our automated system. We can even identify the greenhouse from where each tomato originates.

Energy for 10!

The residual heat made during the electricity production is put to good use in the greenhouse.  The excessive electricity is sent through the grid for use elsewhere. Van Gog hereby provides up to 22.000 families with electricity.

Our companies are provided with modern Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems, making our energy consumption as efficient as possible.

Paying attention to water consumption

The plants are fed by drip systems which save on water consumption. It also enables us to administer the correct dosage of water and nutrients.  Water that is not absorbed by the plants but still contains fertilisers is collected and fed though a filtering system so that the water can be re-used. The plant’s growing mediums are also re-used each year. The perlite pots can last for a number of years and thus their use has little impact on the environment.

Furthermore all waste and old crops are composted and used as fertilisers. Van Gog uses natural predators in its fight against disease and pests.

The people behind the products

A good sense of employeeship is important to Van Gog. The people working in our greenhouses are well treated in a friendly and humane manner. The employees of every company are after all, its most important assets. Van Gog sows a pleasant atmosphere and thereby harvests motivated employees. Everything is present, such as good safety provisions, a nice canteen and the opportunity to have lunch, cook, do sports and relax. The employees wear company uniforms supplied by Van Gog. Who works at our company? Our employees are motivated, hard- working people from Holland and other European countries.