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We have had a new greenhouse built at our branch in Horst. Half of the greenhouse is covered in Crystal Clear glass provided with an anti-reflective (AR) coating and the other half is covered with frosted glass (haze-factor 60%). The objective of this test phase is to see the effects the two types of greenhouse glass (coated and frosted) have on the growth and development of individual tomato plants within the two areas.

AR-treatment for 4 to 5 per cent light gain
The energy consumption and light permeability of glass can be influenced by coating or treating it and thus changing the glass’ characteristics. Since direct sunlight falls on the greenhouse roof at angle of 40 -70 degrees a considerable amount is reflected by the glass. This can be prevented through the use of an anti-reflective (AR) coating so that with either direct or diffused light, about 6-7 per cent more PAR light gets through the glass. Our first experience with AR coating was with glass etched by the Danish factory Sunrac.

During the etching process the surface of the glass is chemically treated making it porous. Then the AR coating is applied to the glass (ARD glass) and a section is frosted (haze factor 60%).

The aim of this experiment is to generate more light for the products. This is but one example of Van Gog’s innovative business strategy. In this manner Van Gog also cultivates quality in its innovation processes!